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The The Meeting

1. The Meeting

You meet Paul Blanchard, our Director. You probably meet at our office, or in a coffee shop, or at an event, or on the tube, or in the park. Somewhere. He might come to your offices - but you don't have to let him in.

The Contract & Cash

2. The Contract & Cash

You sign up for a trial period - a couple of months. Just to check us out. See if we can actually do anything. You don't hand over wads of cash. Just a sensible amount to kick things off. You're happy. We seem legit. But you've tried PR companies before and have bad memories. Sensible not to trust us at first.

The People

3. The People

Your contact is Paul. You can call him anytime. That's because he hardly ever sleeps. He's there when you wake up and when you go to bed. Constantly available. There are more of us at Right Angles, but Paul's the best talker; a whirlwind of ideas; a human dynamo with a black book of media contacts to die for. And anyway, the rest of us are specialists - we do the consultanty, designery, writery bits.

The Service

4. The Service

We'll tell you precisely what we will do. We'll tell you exactly what we'll achieve for you. We'll tell you what your stories are, what will work and what won't work and we'll keep you informed. We'll provide media training. We will get you speaking engagements, TV appearances and help you win awards. We will get you in the national press. And we will stand up to you and challenge you. We'll tell you what's a waste of time and money, and what's going to be a success. We know the people and things about PR and digital media that you don't know you don't know*. And let's face it, that's the whole reason why you want a PR Agency, right?

*Apologies to the Competence Cycle & Donald Rumsfeld
Guess What?

5. Guess What?

It's been six months and you can't believe we're still going at top speed. Right Angles is completely full-on. We're full of enthusiasm and ideas and you're seeing real, measurable results. Right Angles is a small virtual agency full of freelance experts. Our overheads are low, so we don't have to take on every client that comes to us. That means we're always right there for you. We're proactive, flexible, determined and incredibly driven - because we're all entrepreneurs and, let's face it, time is money and success is fun. Plus, we don't want to get fired. If we are crap, we get fired.

The Inevitable...

6. The Inevitable...

You get used to it all. You get used to Right Angles. To the speed, to the interaction, to the new opportunities and new success. You realise that everything we do is absolutely bespoke. It's all tailored to you and that's why it's working. You've forgotten you ever had a bad experience with PR. You've started to wonder if Right Angles is even PR. Or just a sensible, down-to-earth way of raising your profile and getting 'out there' and winning new business.

The Result

7. The Result

You've been in the national press, on radio and TV. You feel confident appearing in the media too (you've had some awesome media training, don't forget) and had some great speaking engagements. You have thousands of followers on Twitter and 'Likes' on Facebook. You have an interesting, up-to-date blog, podcasts and perhaps a new website. You've won some great awards and you write a column in the press. You were also in Extruded Polymers World - but hey, that's OK too!

Sounds good? Why not read about some of the things we have done? Simply click here to see our credentials.
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