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Paul Blanchard - PR Guru

Some people don't like Paul, but these people are mad, and not to be trusted. He is moderately hilarious, laughs at his own jokes, and 'sensible type' people think he could be a liability. As you might have guessed, our Dear Leader is at the centre of all of our projects. He's the one that lies awake every night wondering if clients feel 'looked after' and are getting the results they want. He's also the guy that you'll send the 'Dear John' letter to if we're crap. Blessed with an insane amount of energy, and one of those annoying 'always-upbeat' types, he chatters endlessly and can talk journalists into submission in about two minutes flat. A whirlwind of ideas, plans and strategies, he's built a black book of media contacts to die for - accumulated over twelve years of being a shameless media whore. Paul runs Right Angles because he is unemployable. Genuinely. He's never had a job in his life, having started his first business when he was in short trousers. And - so far - he's had more successes than failures. If you want fuller (more sensible) career bio, click here. And if you want to connect with him on LinkedIn or follow him on twitter, click away with gay abandon!


Claire Booth - Team Coordinator

You know how your Mum knows exactly where you need to be, checks you have everything you need and then makes sure you say "thank you for having me" when you leave? That's what Claire does for the team. She knows everything there is to know about our diaries, priorities and administration needs - and then some. That's why we hired her, because she really cares and considers her job is to make everyone else's job easier. Claire sincerely hopes that she does and she'll even make you a coffee (or a green tea in Paul's case) with a smile while she's doing it!


Kathryn Bradley - Social Media Manager

Kathryn lives and breathes social media and dreams of digital domination. We rely on our Irish firecracker to know what's trending, the best app to have and just how many hashtags are appropriate. It's difficult to pinpoint for sure where she picked up her loud sense of fashion and outrageous love for all things flamboyant, but with three years of marketing experience we presume her creative flair gathered pace along these lines. Having started off her career in Belfast she worked both in house and agency side for two years, before hotfooting it over to London. Kathryn knows how to vocalise yourself online, what to say to increase your likes, what filter works best, and how to avoid the unthinkable grammatical error when you have -1 characters remaining in your uber important tweet. Now Kathryn is managing the reputation of our clients online.


Jerome Hasler - Senior Consultant

Jerome is a Senior Consultant with Right Angles, meaning he has the unenviable task of wrestling Paul's more ambitious ideas into some semblance of reality. Formerly Head of Communications at Art Recovery Group, Jerome spent two years tracking down works of art stolen by the Nazis, so he knows a thing or two about sensitive reputational risks. Jerome was also a Consultant with Bell Pottinger's Geopolitical division, working with private, corporate and governmental clients in Europe and Africa. In spite of all this, making peace with Paul's taste in music will be his biggest challenge yet.


Oz Koca - Head of Video Production

Oz has a genuine passion and love for cinematography, and is a wizard (ahem) at all things involving video. A fantastic cameraman and director in his own right, his work has taken him to Los Angeles and Shanghai as well as up and down the UK. Oz's portfolio includes commercials, documentaries and short films. He's a nice guy to work with and really does put people at ease; and as he's the one in charge of the shoot, he often gets Paul to hold the boom microphone in an effort to make him feel useful (and shut him up) too.


Anders Lagerstedt - Digital Designer

Anders is our designer. He's damn good. He was a designer at ITV working on Daybreak and a web designer at GMTV. He also does design things that are not sofa-related including materials for print campaigns, identity creation, social media and online advertising. Anders is young, entrepreneurial and is currently kicking me under the table. Metaphorically.


Connor Mitchell - Consultant

Connor is the new guy on the block and therefore is still getting used to co-existing in a confined office space with Paul. Formerly a Wimbledon ball boy, having stood under the bright lights of Centre Court, he knows how to handle pressure. With a background not only in Politics but in Spanish too, his degree has led to him interning and studying in Barcelona, working for an academic journal and being involved in local, regional and national political campaigns. Still learning the tricks of the trade in PR, he doesn't plan on entering into any spin wars just yet!


Sarah Nuttall - Copywriter

Sarah writes the words. All of them. For everyone. Well...the ones that play nice anyway. If they don't play nice she dumps them. She also dumps them if she doesn't like them. She's been an unbelievably grumpy professional copywriter for more than 20 years and she's been working with us for 12 of these. Copywriting is her only source of income. It pays her mortgage. But she doesn't write words about herself. So tough. This is all you're getting.

Chris Paston

Chris Paston - SEO/Online Reputation Manager

Chris puts people where they need to be in the online search rankings. Basically, the outward manifestation of this lone-wolf occupation is that Chris drinks too much coffee, does not appear to sleep and can be rather grumpy in the mornings. If you watch him for more than a minute you will see him jerk his head forward to squint at the computer screen and hear him mumbling incoherently. All this is normal.


Victoria Pearson - Researcher

Victoria has an incredibly sweet and friendly demeanour, yet she is known to only open her mouth if she's got something sensible to say... or something quite cutting. If you suggest an idea to her and she's silent, your idea sucks. At 15, she co-ordinated a dance production of one hundred 12- 18 year old screaming school girls. As successful as it was, it swiftly put an end to both her ambition of a career in the arts and any intentions she had to work with children. Officially taking the 'new kid on the block' title from Connor, she is living up to her stalker reputation as Researcher. If you're a current client, or Victoria thinks you should be, she will know what you had for dinner last Tuesday, and she thinks you're not eating enough greens.

Chris Sansom

Chris Sansom - Publishing Consultant

Chris came to the world of publishing via New York's music industry, having tired of the childish melodrama exhibited by Duran Duran. He now specialises in publishing consultation, and manages the demands and expectations of which only authors are capable. His role is to help clients master their destiny as authors, turning their enthralling life's work into books worthy of any bookcase, or nestled among the most well-read Kindle collection.

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