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Job vacancy: Researcher

Salary: £25k-£30k per annum, depending on experience
Location: London
Closing date for applications: 8 December 2017

The company

Right Angles is a small, tight-knit team of PR and CEO reputation specialists. Based in Covent Garden, we have an incredibly niche offering, and there are just twenty of us - and we don't want to grow much larger. But we need one more person - hard-working, highly motivated self-starter who can take responsibility, deliver results and work at an intense level, often for long hours.

The Opportunity

This is the perfect opportunity for a determined self starter who wants training and experience in PR and reputation management. A small practice, like ours, gives you a huge opportunity to get stuck in, get the training and exposure you need and get support from those who have been doing this a long time. You won't be making the coffee (ok sometimes...we all do!) you will be learning invaluable skills and working as part of a team with a flat structure. Experience preferred but not necessary! We will give you all the tools you need for a successful start in your role as long as you are willing and driven to learn!

What we do

We do CEO PR. Take a look at what that means here.

We don't do 'regular' PR in the sense of corporate or consumer PR. We look after the CEO only, doing their personal PR - positioning them as a thought leader on the global stage, getting them keynote speaking opportunities around the world, making introductions to the most senior journalists/editors, arranging feature interviews, creating and running their social media profile and blog, writing articles, speeches and presentations etc. A significant portion of our activities is not strict PR, and may involve turning our skills to securing investment, extending a client's professional network, or selling their products both in the UK and internationally.

We look after them as a 'person' too - coaching, advising, and acting as a 'sounding board' - generally 'being there' for whatever they need. We work alongside their existing corporate/brand media team. We are not publicists and we are not their press office.

This service is something really new, very niche, and wholly bespoke. We never get a brief. We tell our clients what they need to do, and then we make it happen. They rely on us 24/7.

Company culture

We are a small team of ambitious and highly motivated individuals. Everybody in our company is a self-starter, flexible and comfortable working with very little guidance. Due to the nature of our work, we operate at an incredibly fast pace and thrive when working to very tight deadlines. We often work unsociable hours including weekends and are happy to share responsibility for all tasks.

Our ideal candidate

We are looking for a research assistant. The right person for us is interested in taking their first step into a career in PR, reputation management and social media management.

You should have an interest in business, current affairs, politics, general economics and social media. You will join a team of three other researchers to support our client leads in delivering to a high standard.

You must be a confident self-starter who can work to tight deadlines with little supervision, and have the ability to see, and act, beyond the brief.

We are looking for someone who is:

Tasks and responsibilities:

Interested? Here's what do next

Please send a covering letter and CV to .

We are only going to consider serious applicants who have taken the time and trouble to really look into whether they think this role is right for them. Have a look at our clients here first, and along with your letter and CV, please attach a further note suggesting one new idea for any three clients on the page. No boilerplate applications will be accepted.

Agencies? No thanks - Sorry guys. We will do the leg-work on this one ourselves.

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